Thursday, October 8, 2015

Commercial Roundup! (Part 1)


Typically, I like to post my storyboard work on my website, but only after I know that the ad has already aired and has been made available on the internet.  Sometimes months or even years go by before I see the finished commercials online.  Recently, I got curious, did a search and found a bunch of commercials that I had worked on that I hadn't noticed before. 

Here is a spot I worked on for Independent Media with director Danny Leiner (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle).  It was one of a series of spots for  Click the image for a better view of my storyboards.
Here's another ad that was part of the same series.

Here's another ad I storyboarded for Danny Leiner--this time for Church's Chicken.

Here's a commercial I worked on with SK&G for Baha Mar.  Several different ideas were drawn for this pitch, and you can see some of the ideas sprinkled throughout the finished ad.

This commercial, produced by Independent Media for Schick, was a last-minute rush-job call.  It was directed by Adam Shankman (Glee).  No more all-nighters for me, thank you.
This virtual reality spot for Nike is best viewed on a cell phone that has motion sensing capabilities using the YouTube app (not your browser).  From the app, search for "Neymar Jr. Effect" to properly view the spot.  While watching the video, you can get an interactive 360 degree view of the action by turning your phone.  The original concept for the ad was that you view the clip with the action running backwards, which is why the action is presented in reverse order in the storyboards.  The spot was produced by Smuggler and directed by Adam Berg.  Thanks to Beth at Action Artists for finding this spot for me.

Here's a link showing the making of this spot.

For Part 2 of this Commercial Roundup, click here.

Check back to this blog for Part 3 of this Commercial Roundup!


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