Friday, April 20, 2012

Beat It

Things have been very busy for me. Life has delivered a few curve balls and I've been trying to keep pace. A couple of car accidents, the eventual search for and purchase of a new car, taxes, freelance work, the flu, teaching and several other things have smacked me all either simultaneously or in succession, leaving precious little "me" time lately. But, luckily I have been working--in contrast to my situation a couple of years ago. I've already worked on a feature film this year and currently have two more in the pipeline (one I'm currently working on, the other scheduled right after that). None of this I can show you, of course. But in the interest of having something I can show you, I dug up a couple of pieces I did a while back. This is part of a concept I was working on a while back for a personal multi-media project I wanted to do. It's on hold for the moment, but it's something I'd like to see cross the finish line someday.