Monday, October 21, 2013

You've Got a Friend ('Til the End) In Me

Last year I drew storyboards for the latest sequel to a popular film franchise. The original film was about a boy named Andy and his relationship to his favorite toy, who is a normal toy, until certain occasions when he decides to come to life.  Of course, I'm talking about..

Here's a little featurette about the making of Curse of Chucky, the straight-to-video 6th sequel in the Child's Play franchise.  Jump to 13:00 so see my storyboards in action on the set. This is one of several featurettes on the DVD/Blu Ray set. There is also a storyboard to film comparison feature on the Blu Ray that features a few of my boards. Warning: many extremely gory spoilers!

Here are a few more boards I did for the film.  Click for for a larger view.