Thursday, May 29, 2014

Buy This Book!

I cant believe it!  It's been more than a year since it's release, and though I've made mention of it before, I've never made an "official" blog post about the release of my book Professional Storyboarding: Rules of Thumb, published by Focal Press (a leading publisher of instructional manuals dealing with art and technology).

It is co-authored by Sergio Paez, a storyboard artist who has worked on shows like Clone Wars, and runs the online storyboard community .  He brings his own perspective to the book with years of experience working and teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The book was intended to be a realistic guide to working in the storyboard industry, warts and all.  Aside from covering what you'd expect in a storyboard book --like composition and film grammar, the intention was also to address the differences in the many kinds of storyboarding there are, since "storyboarding" is kind of a blanket term that is used to describe several different jobs that serve very different purposes (depending on the audience --which can be anything from an animator in a foreign country to an account executive to a film crew).  The book features interviews from working storyboard artists (Benton Jew, Josh Sheppard, Sherm Cohen, Jeff Zugale) to get a no-holds barred look at what working in this industry is really like.

The book is available at Focal Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine establishments!

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As mentioned before, I'll be part of a panel presented by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.  I'll be bringing along some samples of my work in the form of storyboard-to-film-comparison clips.  Here's a taste:

I'll be slowly releasing these videos right here on my blog over the course of several weeks.  Keep an eye open!

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It's been a very busy year!  Lots of cool projects I've been working on I wish I could tell you about, but one of the things about being a storyboard artist is that you can't always talk about what you're working on until a few years later when the project is done!

Friday, May 23, 2014

We're Talkin' Panels Here

I'll be on a panel about storyboarding for the LA Society of Illustrators at The Victory Theatre Center in Burbank May 31