Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pretty Sketchy

February's output was a little thin, so I raided my sketchbook for some new work to post. One good way to fill up a sketchbook is to attend one of the many open figure drawing studios in Los Angeles. LA loves life drawing, and there are opportunities to render the figure most days of the week all over the LA area. Different studios offer many different things--some have long poses, others have short, some have costumed, others do nudes...there's something for every need and preference. I go to several different ones depending on my mood. Here are a few life drawing studios I go to. They support our arts community here in LA, so support them. Los Feliz Workshop, Dr. Sketchy's, The Drawing Club, Gallery Girls, Sketch Book Society, LAAFA

Some more sketches. Click for a larger view.

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