Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Geek Squad Interview

While tabling at San Diego Comic-Con, I was interviewed by The Geek Squad. Egads, why is my voice so squeaky in this interview?!

Sketchin' at Comic-Con

I spent a lot of my table time at Comic-Con sketching. Here are some of the sketches I did:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Stuff to Look Out for at Comic-Con '08

There is going to be so much to see (and buy) at Comic-Con this year! Here's a sample of some of the stuff I'll be looking out for (and so should you!):

E-VILLE PRESS: Derek Thompson and Ted Mathot will be selling Derek's Derekmonster Annual 2008 and Ted's new book, Cora. They will also have Afterworks 3, a new collection of comics from Pixar artists. Also look for Derek's new instructional DVD! Booth 1534

LOUIE DEL CARMEN: Digital sketch wizard Louie Del Carmen will have his new collection Alternating Currents at Table G4

ABISMO/NERVE BOMB: Jamie Baker, Rhode Montijo, and Brian O'Connell will be dazzling you with their fantastic work at Booth 1329

BOSCO NG/SERGIO PAEZ: Bosco's Figs and Sergio's Matador will be popping some eyeballs at Tables G6-G7

SAM HITI/SHO MURASE: Sketchbooks and prints that are sure to dazzle you! Booth 1830

SCOTT MORSE/JEFF PIDGEON/BILL PRESING More talent here than you can shake a pencil at! Booth 4800

STEPHEN SILVER: Master of caricature and animation character design. Table H6

DEAN YEAGLE: The man behind Mandy's curves. Table 1035

SERGIO ARAGONES: The fastest pen in the west! Table I7

LYNDA BARRY (one of my favorite cartoonists) also has an instructional book out (on developing creativity) and will be making appearances at the DRAWN & QUARTERLY tables 1529 and 1628

Of course the table you should visit most of all is MY table at Artist Alley (EE01) right alongside my brother Benton (EE02) because if you don't buy stuff from me, how on earth am I gonna pay for any of the stuff listed above?!!


Say, if you are a reader of my blog and want a plug for your Comic-Con table, just leave a comment and I'll update this post!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

San Diego Comic-Con is almost here!

I will have an Artist Alley table this year at Comic-Con. I'll be doing sketches, and selling the usual titles (Saturday Nite 1 & 2, Diddly Squat, Vice, and Babes in Space). My new mini "The Hand of Fate" will be on sale as well. Although a finished version of this exists, some distance tells me I really need to punch up the story a little bit, so I'm using these last few days to work on it a little. Here's what the cover looks like:

I'll be sitting next to my brother, who will be selling his work as well.

Stop by and say hello!