Sunday, September 5, 2010

Digging Up the Fun Guy

In a much younger incarnation of myself, I had dreams of doing my own syndicated comic strip. In college, I did a weekly comic strip for the campus paper called "The Fun Guy". It was basically a ripoff of one of my cartoon heroes, Jules Feiffer. Doing this strip gave me a great appreciation for what a daily strip cartoonist does, since trying to come up with a funny strip every week just seemed like expecting a miracle to happen every 7 days. How strip artists were able to do this every day in the tiny 3 panel cartoon haiku format that was expected in strips at the time seemed like an impossible task.


Les Toil said...

Ha! These are funny! Good dialogue. Good punch. Good art.

I, as you, had dreams of being a syndicated cartoonist. I had a character named Unkle Zeek (that's right, with a K). He was a bear that lived in some nondescript forest. He wore a fezz hat and a bathrobe, read the newspapers all day and had a sidekick dog name Kloo. A rip-off of Pogo even though I'd never read even one Pogo strip. I'll have to dig all those 'toons up.

How many Fun Guys did you have in the can? I'd love to see all of them one day.

Anson Jew said...

Your strip sounds cool! I'd love to see it!

I have about 26 Fun Guy strips in a folder, although there are a couple more that have been lost to time.

crazy_asian_man said...

These are hilarious- What can I say, but... more, please! :)

Anson Jew said...

Keep your eyes peeled, CAM, there may be some more of my old comics appearing on this site in the future!