Friday, May 9, 2008

Nocturna and Mr. Collieu

I first heard about Nocturna many years ago on the Drawing Board, and eagerly awaited it's release. Apparently, the English language version was released in Europe last year, but I never heard anything about a US release. Anybody out there in animation land have any of the inside dope on this film? Will there be a US theatrical and/or DVD release?

Apparently, there is another film on the way by the same makers with a similar style called Mr. Collieu. Anyone know anything about it?

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Sam said...

I've been following Nocturna for more than a year, couldn't wait for a theatrical release and ended up downloading it. It's really lovely, definitely the best spanish-speaking animated film I ever seen.

It is very likely that sooner or later there will be a release in the states. There are trailers in english and its website has an english version as well, so I guess they intend to do it.
Mr.Collieu was being developed, I guess that's still the case. Really looking forward to that as well.

Cool thing that I found your blog!