Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where's Anson?

In the last blog, I wrote about how I appeared as an extra in the CBS series NUMB3RS. Since you were up to something SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than witnessing my NETWORK TV DEBUT, I'll clue you in on what you missed.

I was in this shot for the original take. Apparently, they reshot the scene while Michael Aushenker and I took a lunch break. Notice our empty "booth" on the right. This is an outrage! Where is my union representative!

In this shot, as you can see, I'm explaining it all (far left). Even in this minor scene, you can see how I project an air of wisdom...a man of the world...the go-to guy...the man with the plan. Now that's talent. AND YOU MISSED IT!

In this scene, comic creator Seth Marlowe (guest star Ben Feldman) stares me (far right) down before the final confrontation. We then duke it out in a gritty fistfight of good versus evil where I ultimately end up triumphant. AND YOU MISSED IT!

In the next scene Megan Reeves (series regular Diane Farr) turns around and locks eyes with me across the crowded auditorium. She then runs over, kisses me passionately, and thanks me for my heroism. AND YOU MISSED IT!

Actually, so did I.


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benton jew said...

Do they give Emmy's for best extras? A category needs to be created!